The Ayestock offering is ever evolving to meet the needs of the Zimbabwean market.

About Us

Ayestock is a supplier of mining, agricultural and hardware goods in  Zimbabwe. We pride ourselves on making the most reputable international brands available to the local farming, mining and construction communities. Our business model supports a “Just-In-Time” inventory strategy that is preferred by, but often unavailable to, many of our local customers. We’re here to streamline our customers’ sourcing process making for more efficient operations.

Our business is built on four core offerings:

1. Product Quality
2. Availability
3. Competitive pricing
4. Professional service

Product Quality

Quality is of paramount importance to all of us here at Ayestock. In order to deliver on our promise of quality, Ayestock has established relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers of the most reputable international brands across our industries of focus. We vet all of our suppliers, subjecting their products to our internal quality assurance verification process. This ensures compliance with both local quality and safety regulations, and our customers’ own quality specifications.


Inventory management is a priority for our customers as they strive to find the balance between uninterrupted production and working capital management. Our customers often need to procure a wide range of materials from a number of sources. Ayestock’s role is to simplify the procurement process and ensure our customers have the required supplies as and when they need them: “Just in Time”.

Competitive Pricing

Given the increasingly competitive environment in which our customers operate, the Ayestock team strives to offer the best price in the market without  compromising on our promise of quality. We manage costs throughout the supply chain to ensure competitive pricing.

Professional service

Our expertise in supply chain management sits at the heart of our service philosophy. We are here to simplify our customers’ procurement process. To achieve this, we work closely with each of our customers to develop a supply model that fits their specific requirements.